Quizzes Overview

2. Managing a Questionbank

The question bank is a repository where quiz questions are kept and managed. Questions can be created, modified, or deleted in the question bank. Each course has a separate question bank.

Follow the instructions below to manage your question bank

  1. Log in to your course.
  2. Click on Gear Menu on the top right of your course.
  3. Click More, located in the dropdown menu.
  4. At the bottom in the Question bank section, choose one of the following options:
    ​- Questions: Create questions using the Create a new question button.
    – Categories: Place questions in separate assessment category titles (midterm, final, quizzes, etc.)
    – Import: Questions stored in XML file format can be Imported.
    – Export: Questions from course can be Exported as an XML file and used in other course(s).