Restructuring Course Content

The ease of use makes Moodle user friendly.  You can change section titles on the fly, drag and drop items on your course front page, add additional features, and do so much more. This guide will provide instructions on how easy it is to accomplish these tasks.

1. Changing Section Headings

Your Moodle course can be organized by weekly or topical section headings, which you can change to fit your needs and to personalize your course. Examples include:

  • Week 1, Week 2, Week 3…
  • Introduction to [subject], History of [subject], Implementation of [subject]…
  • Readings, Assignments, Quizzes…

By default your course section headings are in Topic Format. However you have the option to change it to a Weekly Format and vice versa.

Follow the instructions below to change your section headings:

  1. Log in to your course
  2. Click on Gear menu on the top right of your course.
  3. Click Edit Settings, located in the dropdown menu.
  4. Find the Course Format section.
  5. Click the Format drop-down menu.
  6. Select Topics format to organize your course by topics.
    • Select Weekly format to organize your course by week.
    • NOTE: If you’ve chosen the Weekly format, select a Course start date, located within the General section.
  7. Click Save Changes.